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Small Business opportunities for sale: If you are looking to start a new business, buying an existing business can be one of the best ways to start your own business. This allows you to generate some immediate cash flow (in most cases) and also obtain additional financing from banks and traditional lending sources for business expansion, if necessary. Both of which (cash-flow and business loans) are harder to generate/obtain, for new or start-up businesses. Find links below to variety of small business opportunities along with home-based, part-time and low investment business opportunities for sale and startup business opportunity ads.

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Small businesses for sale: Store for Sale ¤ Beauty Salon for Sale ¤ Dry Cleaner for Sale ¤ Laundromat for Sale ¤ Fitness Center for Sale ¤ Liquor Store for Sale ¤ Convenience Store for Sale ¤ Car Wash for Sale ¤ Gas Station for Sale ¤ Health Club for Sale ¤ Vending Route for Sale ¤ Internet Business for Sale ¤ Advertising Business for Sale ¤ Bar for Sale ¤ Restaurant for Sale ¤ Nightclub for Sale ¤ Bed and Breakfast for Sale ¤ Hotels and Motels for Sale ¤ Franchise for Sale, Business For Sale by Owner, Part-Time Opportunities, Homebased Opportunities, Under 100K

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Franchise business opportunities for sale: one of the best ways to start a new business is by investing in a franchise (franchised business unit). Look for a franchisor with a good maketing support, satisfied franchisees and/or a recognized brand name along with a good history to ensure your success. There is a difference between a franchise opportunity and just a business opportunity (distributor, licensee, mail-order, etc.,). There are a lot of companies who market their opportunity as a franchise, but in reality most states require companies to register their franchise opportunity in the states and also offer UFOC (Uniform Franchise Offering Circular) which will provide detailed financials. Please make sure what is being offered is indeed a frachise opportunity and not just a business opportunity. Most opportunities under $5,000 initial investment are "usually" business opportunities. In otherwords, your investment may be at risk eventhough the low initial investment might look appealing but in reality it may not be a franchise though the company may market it as a franchise opportunity.

Small Business Opportunities - Startup, Dealer, Distributor, Home Based
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Find business opportunities for sale: full-time or part-time business and income opportunities wherin you can be an authorized dealer, a distributor or a licensee of a company, to sell their products, services or provide customer service. The advantages with this system are, a considerably lower investment (none in some cases) required on your part as compared to the above two options. This is not necessarily good or bad and will depend a lot upon your own hardwork and the support from the dealer. Most companies also provide you with support, marketing materials and may also have an established name and product line for you to get started with your part-time, home based or a small business startup with a small amount of startup funds.

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