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What is a Small Business

There is no strict criteria for a business to be labeled as a small business. Generally speaking, businesses under 500 employees or $500mm in revenue can be labeled as small businesses or small companies. However, as per Small Business Administration and several US government agencies, depending upon the NAICS code, a business can have millions of Dollars in revenues and/or hundreds of employees and can still be considered or qualified as a small business but the classification is primarily based on a combination of the type of business or industry and annual receipts or revenues, rather than solely based on the business receipts/revenue or solely based on the number of employees. However, in reality or conventional thinking of general public, most businesses with revenues of under $5mm or 50 employees are considered as small businesses and again, that opinion can vary from person to person.


Resources to start a Small Business

Many Americans dream of starting their own small business instead of "working for the man" as the saying goes. Starting a small business can be exciting and while it is easy to start a small business, making it successful is not so easy and can be challenging. Hence, most small businesses fail within an year or after a few years because of many reasons but mainly due to lack of planning and lack of financing. However, you can be successful if you spend some time planning and taking necessary steps to structure your business properly, before you startup a small business as most small businesses can take years to be profitable and new business owners do not take that in to consideration or overestimate revenues or profitability, before starting a new business. Most Americans are not aware that they may call or stop by one of the local Small Business Administration Offices, known as SBA offices or the Small Business Development Centers, known as SBDC's to get free business advice and information from qualified small business advisors with issues related to starting and running a small business. There are many workshops conducted every year by these agencies and they are free to attend or require you to pay a small fee for materials provided in most cases. You can find links below by each state to small business startup services such as small business incorporation, business licenses and legal forms for sale that can help you in getting your startup business off the ground or alternatively buying an existing business for sale or selling a small business.


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