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List your franchise or business opportunity or route for sale and distributorship opportunities. These listing accounts/plans are available only for REGISTERED Companies (no individuals, brokers, agents) offering a Business Opportunity, Independent Route-Distributorship opportunity or Registered/Licensed Franchisors who are registered (per FTC) in specific states to sell/offer Franchise Opportunities in that state. ALL NON-Franchise/Business Opportunities must be submitted in the "Business Opportunities" category and not to be listed as a franchise opportunity. License, registration info/documents, certificates may be asked for verification.

Besides a directory listing, you can also submit location based listings (to target major cities or to list RESALE locations). A Directory Listing will show in the Franchise Opportunity Page or if a user searches for franchises by keyword(s) in the search form - whereas LOCATION BASED LISTINGS are shown if you have created one or many city specific listings and when a user searches for franchises by location or city your listing will show in the results. So, if you are offering franchise opportunity in many tier1, tier2, tier3 cities, and want to target these markets (or if you have resale locations in specific cities), you can create several state/city specific listings that will show when a user is browsing those state/city pages.

Franchise/Route/Distributorship & Business Opportunities Rates
Directoy Listing of Opportunity* Based on startup cost - starting $19.95
Location Based Listings (New or Resale Locations by State/City) 2 FREE!
Keep Up to 10 Listings (New or Resale Locations by State/City) $29.99/mo.
Keep Up to 25 Listings (New or Resale Locations by State/City) $49.99/mo.
Keep Up to 50 Listings (New or Resale Locations by State/City) $99.99/mo.

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NOTE: If you already see your franchise or business opportunity listed on the site and you want to claim it or update it, sign-up for a new account below and you will see your listing in your account AS LONG as the listing contact email and your account email matches, and if you do not see the listing in your account or if you have a different email address then sign-up for a new account and either submit a new listing or open a support ticket via helpdesk (after you create a new account) and ask your franchise/opportunity listing to be linked to your account (your email address must match the domain name of your parent company or you must provide additional documentation if/when asked by the site, to show that you are a representative of the company) - allow 2 business days and then login to update your listing.


* ALL accounts and listings are subject to review/verification and approval by the site at the discretion of the site - if a listing does not meet our requirements or if we can not verify the listing, we will not accept it and no clarifications or questions will be answered, why a specific listing was not accepted.

* FREE LISTINGS: LIMIT ONE account/company/office - offer subject to approval (see more below if you have any previous unresolved issues). All resale listings will be setup for automatic expiration after 10 weeks with the free listing but a paid monthly listing plan is required to keep listings active beyond 10 weeks. If you do not login at least once in 3 months and add/manage any listings may be closed without notice. All free listings and accounts are subject to approval 100% at the discretion of the site. Also, your account WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED if your business information does not match your payment information and/or if you previously had an account with unpaid/abandoned/unresolved issues. This offer and terms may be changed or canceled at any time and if so 30 days advanced notice will be posted on the site.