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Two most asked questions by new small businesses and startup businesses are - do I need a business license and how do I get a small business license? In addition to a business registration and/or incorporating a small business, many Georgia businesses are required to get some sort of operating business license or a business permit from the state of Georgia or from their corresponding county or city in Georgia. Local small business licensing requirements in Georgia may vary from county to county. While some Georgia businesses may need a local (city, county or municipality) business license or a business permit, some Georgia businesses may also need to follow federal licensing requirements. These licensing and compliance requirements are in addition to registering and incorporating your business in Georgia, which you may or may not have already done (if you have not, Incorporate Business in Georgia - Setup LLC in Georgia).

Note: if you follow links from various articles on websites in the blogland where they write up articles as to how you can get business licenses and link to state agencies, you will not get proper answers or advice from most agencies as the staff are not well versed in these issues. Additionally, with regards to business licnesing for certain types of businesses, besides licensing requirements by a state, there may be local and federal licensing requirements. Hence, you may be better off getting an advice package or a form preparation and filing service package.


Most Common Georgia Business Licenses & Permits

Following table is just a list of a few of the most common licenses and permits you can get, but many other licenses and permits are also covered. If you do not know which licenses you need, please do not ask this question to us - you can select the "Form Preparation Service" for most any type of business and you will be advised as to which licenses are required.
Georgia Agriculture Related Business Licenses and Permits
Georgia Commercial Feed License Georgia Food Stamps Registration Georgia Nursery License
Georgia Pet Shop Georgia Seed Dealer License Georgia Timber/Plant Products License
Georgia Weights and Measures   
Georgia Building & Construction Related Business Licenses and Permits
Georgia Alarm Permit Georgia Alarm Registration Georgia Bedding License
Georgia Boiler Inspection Georgia Boiler Permit Georgia Building Permit
Georgia Certificate of Inspection Georgia Certificate of Occupancy Georgia Contractor's License
Georgia Development Permit Georgia Driveway Permit Georgia Dumpster License
Georgia Electrical Permit Georgia Elevator Inspection Georgia Elevator Permit
Georgia Fire Alarm Permit Georgia Fire Safety Registration/Inspection Georgia Fire Suppression Permit
Georgia High Pile Combustible Stock License Georgia Home Occupation Permit Georgia Parking Lot Permit
Georgia Plumbing Permit Georgia Sewer Permit Georgia Sign Permit
Georgia Storage Rack Permit Georgia Zoning Permit  
Georgia Business (general) Related Business Licenses and Permits
Georgia Accounting License Georgia Alcohol License - Georgia Liquor License Georgia Amusement Permit
Georgia Auction Firm License Georgia Business License Georgia Certificate of Authority
Georgia Collection Agency License Georgia Currency Exchange License Georgia Design Firm License
Georgia Emergency Contact Information Georgia Employee Leasing License Georgia Employment Agency License
Georgia Engineers/Surveyors Corp License Georgia Fictitious Name Registration Georgia Film Permit
Georgia Finance License Georgia Going Out Of Business License Georgia Holiday Sales License
Georgia Hotel/Motel Tax Georgia Insurance Business License Georgia Landscaping License
Georgia Lodging Tax Georgia Lottery License Georgia Mercantile Tax
Georgia Nurse Agency License Georgia Optical Establishment License Georgia Peddlers License
Georgia Petroleum Dealers License Georgia Real Estate License Georgia Rental Property Tax
Georgia Rental Vehicle Company License Georgia Restaurant License Georgia Sales Tax Registration
Georgia Security License Georgia Sidewalk Cafe Permit Georgia Solicitor License
Georgia Specialty Business License Georgia Sunday Sales License Georgia Tax Registration
Georgia Telemarketer Business License Georgia Tobacco License Georgia Travel Agency
Georgia Vehicle Dealer License Georgia Vending Machines Georgia WIC Registration
Georgia Withholding and Employment Tax Registration Georgia Withholding Tax Registration Georgia Worker's Compensation
Georgia Environmental Related Business Licenses and Permits
Georgia Pesticide Business License Georgia Photography Permit Georgia Waste Transporter/Solid Waste License
Georgia Health & Healthcare Related Business Licenses and Permits
Georgia Asbestos Contractor's License Georgia Bakery License Georgia Barber Shop License
Georgia Cosmetology Shop License Georgia Dairy License Georgia Day Care License
Georgia Drug Device and Cosmetic Registratio Georgia Egg License Georgia Food Establishment Inspection
Georgia Food Establishment Permit Georgia Food/Beverage License Georgia Health Inspections
Georgia Health License Georgia Irrigation Contractor's License Georgia Lead Contractor's License
Georgia Meals Tax Georgia Meat License Georgia Pest Control License
Georgia Pharmacy License Georgia Potable Water Agreement Georgia Salon License
Georgia Swimming Facility License Georgia Tanning Facility License  


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Disclaimer: Georgia business licenses, local and county permits, Georgia forms, letters and contracts listed on this page are not recommendations by Business Nation. Georgia business licensing services and forms listed on this page are provided by external websites or affiliate web sites. We have not verified linked sites or content and do not do not specifically recommend any third-party services and we are not responsible for any errors or discrepancies. Please consult a small business expert, accountant, CPA or a legal professional in Georgia and the office of your local secretary of state in Georgia or other related local agencies, to verify and obtain accurate business information regarding starting a business or any questions and advice related to your Georgia small business licensing requirements.