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Buy a Owner Financed or Seller Financed Business - A owner Financed business or seller financing is a loan provided by the seller of a business to the business buyer without a good credit or collateral, who is finding it hard or impossible to get financing from other small business lending sources or banks or to a business buyer who would want that the seller have some skin in the game. Seller Financing of a business is similar to buying a owner financed real estate or property, wherein the real estate seller will finance a portion of the sale amount for a period, instead of the bank or a lender financing the loan amount to the property buyer. Similarly the seller of the business is willing to loan or finance the buyer a percentage of the sale price, for purchasing their business and the buyer signs a promissory note or deed. To a seller, this is an investment in which the return is guaranteed only by the buyers credit-worthiness or ability and motivation to pay the mortgage. Also, since the seller can spread the capital gains over several years, this may also help the business owner to lower their tax payments resulting from the sale of the business. For a buyer it is often beneficial, because he/she may not be able to obtain a loan from a bank. In general, the loan is secured by the property being sold. In the event that the buyer defaults, the property is repossessed or foreclosed on exactly as it would be by a bank. While there are some people searching online for a 100% owner financed business on sale, one needs to understand that when a owner is financing the business, they still own the business loan/note. So, 100% financing is like asking the seller to literally part with their business to another unknown person - ask yourself, what are the chances a legitimate business owner would agree to provide 100% owner financing? Hence, no sane business owner is going to provide 100% seller financing for a legitimate established business that is worth buying, regardless of the profitability of a business or how successful or not the business is or is or can be.

You can find many seller or owner financed businesses with reasonable financing offers and conditions. Wait, you may be able to find a better deal by buying a business for sale by owner retiring and/or a profitable business for sale. While, such opportunities are not easy to find, but if you do research and wait patiently for the right opportunity to show up, you may be successful. Find Owner Financed Businesses for Sale - Seller Financing classified ad listings and related or other business opportunities below.

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