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Listing Advertising Fee as low as $10/mo. NO COMMISSIONS* (based on sale price & for six month listing).
Compare with competitive websites and get the Best value for your advertising dollars!

NOTE: As of March 10th 2013, subscription plans with monthly recurring billing are not available but all are pre-paid plans with a one-time payment, and still starting at only $10/month.

List Only Established Business for Sale in USA here - click on the tabs above for other countries.
Please do not advertise a business opportunity or a franchise opportunity (but you can list an established Franchise for Resale) we do not list them in this section - all listings are reviewed and we reserve the right to accpet or reject a listing. If you have a business opportunity please advertise it on our small and startup business opportunities directory and please contact us to advertise franchise opportunities.

Target Small Business Buyers - Sell your business with Business Nation
If you are serious about selling your business then there is no question, you need to advertise your business for sale and advertising your business for sale online is the most cost effective method. Our website is one of the best places to advertise your business for sale since we offer low advertising rates and it is also one of the most popular small business web sites, visited everyday by thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs - which is your target audience. Most likely, you found our website by searching online or were referred by a previous advertiser. Our website is listed within the first page or two on popular search engines for specific business for sale and small business startup related keyword searches and chances are you found our website from a search engine result. Advertise your small business for sale with Business Nation.

Targeted Ads: Unlike other sites which only have sites with business for sale advertisements, we have thousands of your potential buyers coming to our site everyday who here to find small business startup resources and advice. Hence, your target audience and a lot of interested buyers are already here at our website.

Cost effective: We offer the most competitive pricing and options to list your business - you will not be able to find better bang for your buck anywhere else.

Control: You have an option to be anonymous and may or may not disclose the business name and input only what you would like to disclose. All email leads are directly and instantaneously forwarded to your email box. Your name and email address is not visible to visitors, to maintain confidentiality. You can make any changes at any time to update your listing, including the sale price. You can also delete your listing just by logging in.

More Leads: Users can not only find you by searching our site but also by browsing the pages by categories and by state. That's not all - one can recommend (forward) your listing to 5 of their friends and bookmark on social networks.

We only list established businesses for sale, based in the USA on this website. Other sites have old listings accumulated over time and most also allow several large brokerages to list thousands of businesses for free or at a very small monthly fee (compared to what they charge business owners) and many brokers will just dump their entire databases, which in turn makes their web sites look big and has a lot of listings but any new business listings like your's will have less visibility because of the amount of listings. To make up for the revenue they in turn charge a lot more to small business owners like you. While we do have brokers using our services, we charge them a nominal fee and limit the amount of listings. We also bill advertisers monthly and our listings are fresh since we remove unpaid ads once the subscription is cancelled. We also list businesses in several categories, subcategories and in your corresponding state, county and 3000+ US towns, thereby providing a better visibility for your listing. This makes it very easy for our users to find your listing and our web pages directly from external search engines, where most our users come from.

While you can advertise for free on many websites (which are free for a reason), what good does it do if no one looks at your ad or it is hard to find a good/legitimate ad, when it is buried among thousands of other unrelated posts and offers (as that is what you will usually find on most free websites and hence they are free). We have made it very affordable so any serious small business owner who wants to sell their business can take advantage of our small listing fee of as low as $10/month* (no commissions), and that is a justifiable amount any business can spend in order to advertise their small business for sale. However, please note that we make no promises that you will be able to sell your business by listing with us but if you do a search online (chances are you came here from a search engine result/link or you were referred by someone who has used our service in the past) you will find that we are well placed in top online search engines for relevant keywords regarding specific business for sale searches.

List a Business for Sale! - Business Buy and Sell Agreement

Business Brokers & Agents: Sign-up for a Business Broker Account
Are you a professional broker, agent or an intermediary (realtor, developer)?
If you have several business for sale listings then Sign-up for a Broker Account - to submit multiple business for sale listings from a single account for a low monthly fee. It's easy and cost effective advertising. Find out more!

*$10/month for a 6 month listing for businesses with sale price under $100K.
**all payments are final, no refunds.
Low Cost - as low as $10/mo*
Easy to Find Online
Listed by State, Town and County
Listed by Category and Business Type
High Visibility in Search Engines
Confidential Email Leads
Users can Share, Forward to Friends
Unlimited Updates

1. Input business info.

2. Select payment type.

3. Complete payment.

Disclaimer: Business Nation not a brokerage, we do not sell businesses and do not provide broker services and nor do we promise to sell a business. When you advertise a business for sale on our website, we provide is an AS IS "advertising service" - we make no gurantees that your business will be sold and you will be making a payment only for advertising it. Results will vary based on the type of business, location, price and many more factors. We have top rankings in search engines and chances are you came to our website via a search result or you were referred by a previous user. Before you sell or buy a business or a property, please apply due-diligence and consult a business broker, an attorney and/or an accountant in your area, to seek professional advice with regards to the sale or purchase of a business opportunity or a commercial property, and other issues related to buying and selling a business.
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