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If you are interested in starting a small business, buying an existing business for sale can be one of the best ways to start your own business. Buy an established business for sale with a customer base and earnings. While it is harder for new businesses to generate cash-flow and/or to obtain business loans, an established business with cash flow may be able to obtain additional financing from business lenders, which will allow you to expand an existing business. Find established business for sale listings and established websites for sale in many categories including small business for sale, home business for sale, part-time business for sale, business for sale by owner, seller financed business for sale and business for sale under $100K

 Agricultural Businesses for Sale
Farms & Ranches, Gardens Centers & Nurseries, Greenhouses

 Automotive Businesses for Sale
Auto Body Shops, Auto Dealerships, Auto Part & Tire Shops, Auto Repair Shops, Car Washes, Oil Change & Tuneup, Marine & Boating, Powwersports & Motorcycle Dealerships

 Banking & Financial Businesses for Sale
Check Cashing & Payday Loan Stores, Collection Agencies, Insurance Businesses & Agencies, Mortgage Companies

 Building & Construction Businesses for Sale
Construction Companies, Contractors & Contracting Businesses, Electrical Businesses, HVAC Businesses, Plumbing Businesses, Restoration & Remodeling, Siding & Roofing Businesses

 Business Service Businesses for Sale
Advertising & Marketing Businesses, Accounting, Tax & CPA Practices for Sale, Employment Agencies, Mailbox & Shipping Stores, Printing & Copy Shops, Sign Businesses for Sale

 Computer & Technology Businesses for Sale
Computer Repair Shops, Computer Software, Computer Stores, Computer Training, Ecommerce & Internet Businesses for Sale, IT Businesses for Sale, Website Businesses for Sale

 Education & Training Businesses for Sale
Academy & Schools for Sale, Vocational Schools for Sale

 Entertainment Businesses for Sale
Pool & Billiards, Bowling Centers for Sale, Night Clubs for Sale, Event & Party Planning Businesses

 Food Businesses for Sale
Catering Businesses, Bars for Sale, Italian, Mexican, Ethnic, Family Restaurants & Diners for Sale, Bakeries, Coffee Shops, Fast Food Businesses, Food Service Businesses, Ice Cream Shops, Pizza Businesses, Sub & Sandwich Shops

 General Service Businesses for Sale
Appliance Repair, Dry Cleaners, Coin Laundromats, Equipment Rental Businesses, Funeral Homes, Hair & Beauty Businesses, Day Spas, Security Companies, Vending Routes, Wedding Businesses

 Health and Fitness Businesses for Sale
Alternative Health, Gyms & Fitness Centers, Healthcare, Assisted Living Facilities for Sale, Chiropractic Practices, Dental Practices, Medical Practices for Sale, Home Health Care Centers, Long Term Care Centers, Medical Billing Businesses, Physical Therapy Practices, Health Food & Vitamin Stores

 Home Improvement Businesses for Sale
Bathroom & Spa, Kitchen Cabinet, Deck-Porch-Patio, Design & Decor, Carpet & Flooring, Glass & Window, Home Furnishing
 Kids & Children's Businesses for Sale
Daycare Centers, Pre-Schools, Tutoring

 Maintenance Businesses for Sale
Carpet Cleaning, Cleaning Businesses, Commercial Cleaning Businesses, Landscaping & Lawn Care Businesses, Pest Control

 Industrial & Manufacturing Businesses for Sale
Furniture-Wood Product, Metallic Product, Machine Shops for Sale, Plastic & Rubber, Welding & Fabrication

 Media and Publishing Businesses for Sale
Commercial Printing & Screen Printing Businesses, Book & Magazine Publishing Businesses

 Miscellaneous Businesses for Sale
Seasonal Businesses, Product Related, Service Related

 Pet Businesses for Sale
Pet Care & Pet Grooming Businesses, Pet Stores & Pet Food Stores, Veterinary Clinics

 Photo and Video Businesses for Sale
Photo Studios, Video & DVD Businesses

 Real Estate Businesses for Sale
Real Estate Agencies, Commercial Properties, Income Properties, Property Management, Rental-Leasing

 Retail Businesses for Sale
Antique Shops, Art Galleries, Gift Shops, Clothing Businesses, Thrift & Consignment Stores, Convenience Stores, Dollar Stores, Electronic & Appliance Stores, Florists & Flower Shops, Framing Businesses, Furniture Businesses, Gas Stations, General & Variety Stores, Grocery Stores, Tool & Hardware Businesses, Hobby & Craft Stores, Jewelry Businesses, Mall Kiosks, Liquor Stores, Book Stores, Party Stores, Pawn Shops, Pharmacies for Sale, Shoe Stores, Tobacco, Cigar & Cigarette Shops, Train & Toy Stores, Wireless Phone Stores

 Sports & Sporting Businesses for Sale
Bait & Tackle, Sporting Goods Stores, Fishing-Hunting, Golf Courses & Golf Shops, Hobby Shops, Memorabilia Businesses

 Transportation Businesses for Sale
Courier Services, Moving Businesses, Routes for Sale, Taxi & Limousine, Trucking Companies, Warehousing

 Travel & Recreation Businesses for Sale
Bed & Breakfast, Campgrounds & RV Parks, Hotels and Motels, Marinas, Resorts, Travel Agencies

 Wholesale Businesses for Sale
Wholesale Distributors, Equipment Dealers, Import-Export, Suppliers

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